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Help Find Ron Boychuk

Welcome, this website is dedicated to the search of missing 60 yr old pilot Ron Boychuk. Resident of Nanaimo, BC, avid hunter and outdoorsman, and beloved husband, father and grandfather.
We would appreciate any information or leads to the where abouts of Ron, we are all still in disbelief of this situation, and are so amazed at the help and devotion from loved ones, and volunteers.
We don't have an exact flight path of Ron as he left Revelstoke, in his cessna 172 (picture right) we have had many speculations, but nothing solid. His 3 sons along with the military, CASARA, search and rescue, and many volunteers have covered a large area, but still come up with nothing, because of the large area, and the terrain, there is still so much more to search. As his sons will not give up until there father is found.
So if you or anyone you know has any information, no matter how small we want to know, as any info that leads to the finding of Ron will result in a cash reward. All we want is Ron....
There are no words to truly describe Ron Boychuk, he was his own man, and was loved so much by his family and friends. Every day that passes he is in our thoughts.
So we would like to thank everyone so very much, we can't even begin to express our gratitude, we our forever in greatful.
Our sincerest thanks and love the Boychuks.


Ron had fueld up in Revelstoke possible on his way over to Salmon Arms, though with it being later in the afternoon (left Revelstoke at after 2pm) he may have cut accross to try and make it straight over to Nanaimo (his final destination)
He had survival gear on the plane, being an experienced outdoors man, he always carried it. He also had some jerry cans of fuel, and was wearing regular clothing, not his flight suit.
On board he also would have had all of his personal items from the summer to return home, ie; clothing, wallet, passport, etc. If you would like anymore information please email helpfindronboychuk@hotmail.com  anything that might help the search!!!
**Google Earth is updating some sites as well**
Thanks so much 

They have started and internet search for Ron, to go to the link please click here. And we would once again like to extended our thanks and gratitude, we wouldn't have accomplished as much as we have with out your help and support, thanks so much, love the Boychuks!


Ron Boychuk and his cessna 172

Help Find Ron Boychuk